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Youth Resources

Are you looking for resources for youth in Iowa? If so, this is YOUR page! Please find on this page a variety of resources that have been designed to inform and engage youth!

Iowa Youth Leadership Guide

This booklet outlines leadership opportunities for middle and high school youth. The online version of this document is updated yearly.

Youth Rights and Responsibilities Handbook (English)
Youth Rights and Responsibilities Handbook (Spanish)

This booklet outlines your rights and responsibilities as a youth in Iowa according to the law. Hard copies of this document can also be ordered by contacting ICYD or Criminal and Juvenile Justice Planning.


ICAN assists students and parents with free information, tools, and resources to plan, apply, pay for, and succeed in college. More information can be found at

Iowa Career Resource Guide

This guide provides information to assist individuals with career planning and aid them in making informed career choices.

Career Voyages

This website features information about the fastest growing industries and occupations with details of skills and education required and job openings by area. Includes wage, licensing requirements and growth rates for jobs in demand. View the hottest occupations in the U.S. with the fastest growth rates and the most job openings that do not require a four year college degree.