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Youth Development Toolbox

Across the state, communities are establishing youth development collaborations by partnering with local planning entities, businesses, churches, non-profit organizations, parents, and youth. The long-term goal of these collaborations are to become the point in the community for developing and coordinating services that will lead to improved results for youth and their families. Youth development planning initiatives serve the following functions:

This Toolbox provides ideas and resources to assist individuals, agencies, and communities in the organization and ongoing activities related to youth development planning. It offers a variety of tools and resources for communities to use to deal with specific issues that may arise. It provides both a basic overview and identifies resources for additional detailed information and advice. It is not a "recipe book" or set of instructions that prescribes a specific set of ingredients that must be mixed in a specific order. Instead, it is a tool communities can use to plant the seeds of positive youth development.

The Toolbox is a continuous work in progress. Currently, this Toolbox contains information in eight areas:

Positive Youth Development
Adolescent Brain Development

Coalition Building

Messaging and Marketing
Youth Involvement

Community Assessment

If you have suggestions for additional topics or resources, please contact us.