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Preventing Assault


This document has been formatted so that families, community groups, and schools can use each section as a separate handout or use them all together as one complete document. Prevention tips and resources are provided to help children and youth of different ages or stages of development. The term “sexual violence” is used to describe violence against someone that is sexual in nature. It may include behaviors that are physical, verbal, or visual. There are three different types of sexual violence described in this document — sexual harassment, sexual abuse, and sexual assault. This document provides general information and resources to help parents and families understand, recognize, and respond to sexual violence of their child or youth. Resources are organized into groups to ensure age appropriateness.

Synopsis of the Iowa Code

During the 2005 legislative session, the Iowa legislature continued this focused effort by directing the Department to address the specific issues of sexual harassment and assault. House File 816, Subsection 53 directs the Department of Education to provide schools with examples of age-appropriate materials and lists of resources that parents could use to teach their children to recognize and reject unwanted physical and verbal sexual advances. The new requirement also states that:

"Preventing Child and Youth Sexual Harassment, Abuse, and Assault: A Resource for Iowa Families"

This document is a compilation of each of the pdf files/ available individually below.

"Basics" of Sexual Violence
Types of Sexual Violence: Sexual Harassment
Types of Sexual Violence: Sexual Abuse
Types of Sexual Violence: Sexual Assault
Who Can Help? Resources and Guidance for Victims of Sexual Violence
Resources for Families with Elementary-Aged Children (Ages 5-10)
Resources for Families with Middle School-Aged Children (Ages 11-13)
Resources for Families with High School-Aged Youth (Ages 14-18)
Resources for Families and Caretakers
Resources for Educators, Youth Leaders, and Youth Development Professionals