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Being a parent is hard work and being responsive to the needs of your youth is even more difficult. While the Iowa Collaboration for Youth Development is not designed to work specifically with parents, some of our partners, primarily the Iowa Department of Human Services do interact specifically with parents. Additionally, several of our materials in the Community Toolbox as well as those posted or linked here are suitable for parents.


ICAN assists students and parents with free information, tools, and resources to plan, apply, pay for, and succeed in college.

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Parenting Teens Online
An Information Guide for Parents of Teens

New Sexual Assault Materials Released by the Iowa Department of Education
The Iowa Department of Education, in partnership with the Iowa Department of Public Health, Criminal and Juvenile Justice Planning, and Iowa Commission on Domestic Violence and Assault have published a new document for parents and professionals on Sexual Violence. This document provides prevention tips and resources geared towards children and youth of different ages or stages of development. Parents and families will find general information and resources to help understand, recognize, and respond to sexual violence (harassment, abuse, or assault) of their child or youth.